About Us

About Us

RDG Property is a professional and dynamic company that offers demanding property buyers not only competent advice, but also a first class service and a list of selected luxury properties. We support you in all stages of the sale or purchase of your property and therefore guarantee an easy process. Our pre-sale service, our service during and our service after the sale is incomparable and unique.

Founded in 2005, RDG Property today features one of the largest collection of luxury properties in Spain and Portugal. Our exquisite listing curated by RDG Property range from rare properties to celebrity-owned luxury real estates. We have a network of existing high net worth buyer and sellers across the globe. We had added a private auction services for our exquisite high net worth individuals and corporate clients in 2016. And this had grown from a list of 15 to 109 within a short span of 2 years.

RDG Property also am proud to be one of the pioneers in accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum into our ecosystem due to high demand from our network of clienteles. From 2016 to 2018, we had already close deals worth up to 70 millions for all payments dealing with cryptocurrency. We will also be going into Blockchain technology on properties industry, we are looking for partners to work hand in hand to bring the property industry to the next level. Please contact us if your company wish to partner with us in the cutting edge future.

Our Team

Gavin Clarke
Chief Marketing Officer

Gavin Clarke is a highly recognised Real Estate Expert with over 25 years’ experience in luxurious real estate properties. Throughout his entire career, Gavin has been consistently recognised for his sales, leadership and entrepreneurial accomplishments. His commitment to excellence and commitment to his clients and agents have established Gavin as a pillar in the luxury real estate community.